Blackshape Aircraft

Blackshape develops and produces high-performance carbon fibre aircraft, for civil aviation and military training, focusing on innovation and quality.


SITAEL designs, develops and produces innovative solutions, for space and small satellites, industrial, and scientific endeavors. SITAEL worked on the European Space Agency ATV, Mars Curiosity rover, several research satelites currently in orbit and technology onboard the International Space Station.


MERMEC designs and develops vehicles and measuring systems for railway infrastructure.


IKOS is a leader in the railway industry, with more than 650 engineering consultants working on projects around the world.

REC Architecture

REC is a French architecture studio located in Toulouse and Paris that brings technical, creative and managerial expertise to develop major infrastructure projects around the globe.


Liebherr-Aerospace develops leading-edge technology for civil and military aircraft programs, including commercial transport, commuter and regional, business jets, fighters, military transport, and trainer aircraft, as well as civil and combat helicopters.

MaRS Discovery District

MaRS Discovery District in Toronto is one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs. MaRS cultivates high-impact ventures and equips innovators to drive economic and societal prosperity.

Autodesk Toronto Technology Center

Autodesk Toronto Technology Centre is a place to come together with customers, partners, start-ups, academic and governmental organizations to push the boundaries of technologies and shape the future of making things.