TransPod is developing the next generation of affordable and sustainable ultra high-speed transportation for a better connected and fossil fuel-free society.

TransPod is building solutions to solve mankind’s biggest upcoming challenge. The way people move is not sustainable. As the population is demanding faster deliveries and faster transport, it is critical to develop new transportation systems capable of moving people fast and clean.

In a hyperloop system, pressurized passenger and cargo vehicles travel in a low-pressure tube environment, driven by linear induction motors and air compressors, at speeds exceeding 1000 km/h. TransPod’s cutting-edge new design enables a significant reduction in the investment capital, increase in reliability, and improved operational performance, allowing a stronger business case for this system.

TransPod’s vehicle and infrastructure are being designed together for optimal performance, using TransPod’s IP. Powered by environmentally-sustainable solar/electric energy in a system that is unaffected by weather conditions, TransPod’s system enables passenger and cargo travel that is faster than airline travel, creating an attractive choice for consumers, a high-potential investment opportunity for infrastructure investors, and a reliable mass transportation system.

TransPod released scientific peer-reviewed publication

The paper was premiered at the EASD EURODYN 2017 conference, and presents the physics of the TransPod system.

September 2017

TransPod releases Initial Cost Study

Analysis finds TransPod system will cost 50 percent less and travel four times faster than high-speed rail in Southwestern Ontario.

July 2017

TransPod Partners with Liebherr-Aerospace

Liebherr-Aerospace will support the research, development, and production of new cabin and vehicle thermal systems designed specifically for the TransPod hyperloop system to ensure safety, efficiency, and passenger comfort.

June 2017

TransPod opens offices in Canada, France and Italy

TransPod’s operations have expanded to facilitate advanced research and development with partners and experts, while leveraging the high-technology, engineering, railway, and aerospace talent pool in those regions.

March 2017

Partnership with IKOS

IKOS’ expertise will support the general electrical system, and safety engineering of the TransPod hyperloop pod.

January 2017

Seed investment

Angelo investments commits $15 million USD towards the project. TransPod partners with MERMEC, SITAEL and Blackshape.

November 2016

Innotrans 2016

The TransPod system is unveiled at the InnoTrans Rail exhibition, in Berlin, the largest trade show of the rail industry, where it rapidly draws the attention of several industry leaders.

September 2016

TransPod founded

TransPod team forms. Designing a 1000 km/h vehicle, the TransPod team consists of professionals from the aerospace and rail industry.

October 2015

History of Tube Transportation


First Vacuum Trains

Vacuum tube trains were proposed in 1909 by Boris Weinberg and rocket pioneer Robert Goddard. Weinberg built a model of his proposed system at Tomsk Polytechnic University, and published the concept in 1914 in a book, “Motion without friction (airless electric way)”.


The rise of commercial MAGLEV

The 20th century saw a fantastic advancement in vacuum transportation due to the development of Magnetic Levitation Technology (MAGLEV), which uses electromagnets to levitate vehicles along tracks. Despite the launch of popular projects such as Swissmetro, the complex track infrastructure required was considered too expensive to be economically viable and was eventually discarded.


Hyperloop and alternative designs

In 2013, Elon Musk published a white paper describing a concept of vactrain levitating on air cushion instead of MAGLEV. The idea quickly caught on in the media and re-energized conversations with industrials and policymakers to develop new technologies to fight the rise of global carbon emissions levels and develop faster, cheaper and more convenient transportation systems.


The TransPod System

A new ultra-high-speed vehicle is designed for 1000 km/h+ travel in the TransPod tube system. To improve worldwide mobility, a team of researchers and professionals from the rail and aerospace industry came together to design this new tube transport system from the ground up. The TransPod system goes beyond existing hyperloop and MAGLEV concepts, making it substantially more cost effective and faster.

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