Concept and design of a sophisticated and practical passenger interior

Conceived by Semcon, a multinational technology company that develops products based on human needs and behaviours, this interior takes the business-economy travel to the next level. It bears witness to Semcon’s dedication to user-centric designs and relentless pursuit of integrity, introducing a novel interior concept and opening up a whole new mode of transport to the broader market.

The EnveLoop interior consists of 27 seats in a 2+1 seating configuration, with a generously sized aisle in between. The seat-to-seat distance is a plentiful 950 mm (37.4”) and each seat has a comfortable width of 480 mm (18.9”). Carry-on luggage is safely stored in the overhead compartments, and personal belongings can be placed in the seat base pocket.

Emulating true internal sunlight

The future looks bright. This is especially true for the EnveLoop interior as it integrates the Coelux artificial sunroof, a product based on nanotechnologies which genuinely reproduces the natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky.

The surreal effect of warm, artificial, direct sunlight produce feelings of lightness and well-being while it in the same time expand the interior space to infinity; providing peace, comfort and volume to the passenger environment.

Adapting to the present

The interior offers a warm and welcoming ambience with large areas of natural light artificially reproducing the daily illumination to ease off the fact that you are travelling in a tunnel.

Leading towards the future

The ceiling is not the only brilliant feature. The continuous side window visuals in combination with the iconic speedometer on the frontal wall gracefully bring passengers about the perception of speed.

A seat made for you

The delicately sculptured seats define a whole new class of business and economy seating. The ergonomic shapes easily admit long-term travel comfort while the subtle materials give an immediate feel of tastefulness.

Being business and economy, perceived privacy is key to passengers fully immersed into work, or just dozing off restoring energy for the day. The large head supports partition you from your neighbor and also extend the possible head positions where you’ll find a good relaxing posture. Each seat is individual, with its own set of armrests and its enclosed base, further increasing the cocoon-like retreat.

The refined seat splitlines do not only convey a strong and artful presence, but also cater for the ingenious ways the seat can be adjusted to maximize individual comfort. The backrest reclines, the head support moves up and down, while the vertical adjustment of the neckrest is independent. Additionally, the lumbar support pressure and seat cushion stiffness can be modified. All this calibration is done entirely through the personal seat display and updates the seat in real-time. The next time you board, adjustment settings are automatically set to your personal preferences at your reserved seat.