Relax in a sophisticated passenger environment

Developed in collaboration with Semcon, an international technology company specializing in user experience, TransPod’s Enveloop design takes the commuter travel experience to the next level.

The TransPod commuter pod offers 27 seats in a 2+1 seating configuration that allows for a generously sized aisle down the middle of the pod. The seat-to-seat distance is a plentiful 950mm (37.4”) and each seat has a comfortable width of 480mm (18.9”). Carry-on luggage can be safely stored in the overhead compartments and personal belongings can be placed in the seat base pockets.

Experience natural light and openness as you travel:
A new kind of skylight that perfectly mimics the feel of daylight

The TransPod interior integrates next-generation technology to offer passengers a skylight that perfectly reproduces the feeling of daylight.

Using CoeLux technology, the commuter pod offers the true effects of the light and space of the outdoors.

Comfort at ultra-high-speed

The interior is designed to provide a warm and welcoming ambience so passengers can relax while travelling at over 1000 km/h.

Leading towards the future

The ceiling is not the only brilliant feature. Stunning visuals of the outside scenery are displayed on the continuous side window. An iconic speedometer on the front wall enhances the aesthetics of the overall travel experience.

A seat made for you

The beautifully sculpted seats and ergonomic design can be adjusted and calibrated through a personal visual display console to maximize individual comfort.

To personalize the experience, the adjusted settings are automatically set to your preferences at your reserved seat the next time you board any TransPod vehicle.

  • Backrest reclines
  • Large head rest allows for privacy when required and is fully extendable and flexible
  • Vertical adjustment of the neckrest is independent
  • Lumbar support pressure and seat cushion stiffness adjustable
  • Each seat is independent and offers its own set of armrests and an enclosed base