TransPod Model M2A Vehicle

1000km/h+. Fossil Fuel Free.

TransPod M2A Vehicle

TransPod Vehicle

With low air resistance, the tube interior and “pod” are being designed for velocities in excess of 1000 km/h.

Axial Compressor

Diverts air mass flow from the front of the vehicle out the back, reduces air resistance and shock fronts in front of the vehicle.

Cabin Air System

A comfortable microclimate for passengers. Air is pressurized, circulated, filtered, and temperature-regulated.


Pressure-sealing cabin door, automatically opens upon arrival at each station.

Levitation System

At high speeds, the pod glides on a levitation system to reduce friction.


Using 100% clean electrical power and zero fossil fuels, the vehicle is propelled to full speed by Linear Induction Motors (LIMs).

The TransPod vehicle is built like an airline jet fuselage, containing rows of seats inside. Passengers board from platforms at each station. Powered by electrically-driven magnetic propulsion, the vehicle departs, gently accelerates to full speed inside the TransPod tube infrastructure, and decelerates on approach to the final destination station.

The TransPod tube system will carry passenger and cargo vehicles on the same route at the same time.

Faster than airline travel, the TransPod tube system is a fully-electric mass transportation system, to reduce carbon emissions, and provide an alternative to highway congestion.

Smart infrastructure, cost effective

TransPod differentiates itself from other hyperloop systems by its low infrastructure and maintenance costs.

As infrastructure cost is a key decision factor in transport, the unique IP developed by TransPod brings the infrastructure cost down to the same as current high-speed transportation systems. Costs savings are achievable through advanced vehicle technology paired with an optimized tube infrastructure system.

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Evolution of transportation

Diesel Train

Trip duration


Top speed


Ticket price


Power source


Dirty and slow: this mode of transport is not sustainable for modern society.


Trip duration

1h 12m

Top speed


Ticket price


Power source

Jet fuel

Aircraft jet fuel emissions are a leading contributor to global warming.


Trip duration


Top speed


Ticket price


Power source


TransPod's hyperloop eliminates the fossil fuel requirements and carbon emissions of jet travel.

*Prices are based on a same-day booking one way trip between Toronto and Montreal

Improving the hyperloop concept

TransPod has employed a “physics-first” and "engineering-first” strategy.

Early on, TransPod decided to throw out all assumptions inherent in the conceptual proposals for “hyperloop” advertised in the popular media, and instead, returned to fundamental physics and engineering, aerodynamics, electromagnetics, theory and computation. The result is a next-generation integrated design of an optimised vehicle and matching infrastructure, holistically re-designed from the ground up.

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