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02 May 2020

The race to build more ventilators

The strategic decision with Ryan Janzen to manufacture this ventilator has been taken for the following reasons: 1. Contribute to addressing the COVID19 crisis leveragingTransPod Inc aerospace and medical technological experience. 2. Leveraging the similarities between the aerospace industry and the medical industry when it comes to the quality management system and the certification process. 3. Long-term strategic product development, to diversify our activities and adding another source of revenue to reduce the risk to the current economic crisis.

10 Apr 2020

TransPod Demonstrator

After having tested the sub-systems through computer-aided simulations and laboratory prototypes, the TransPod teams are now ready to begin a series of physical tests on the entire integrated system with the construction of a technology demonstrator.

06 Mar 2019

Construction Kick-off in Droux

Geo-technicians from ALIOS Géotechnique in work to kick-off the construction of our hyperloop test facility in Droux near Ville de Limoges in France.