The TransPod Vehicle

  • TransPod Vehicle

The Pod: a plane without wings

1000 km/h+. Fossil Fuel Free

Slide Diverts air mass flow from the
front of the vehicle out the back,
reduces air resistance and shock
fronts in front of the vehicle.
Axial Compressor
With low air resistance, the tube
interior and “pod” are being
designed for velocities in excess
of 1000 km/h.
TransPod Vehicle
Pressure-sealing cabin door,
automatically opens
upon arrival at each
A comfortable microclimate for
passengers. Air is pressurized,
circulated, filtered, and
Cabin Air System
At high speeds, the pod glides
on a levitation system to reduce
Levitation System
Using 100% clean electrical power
and zero fossil fuels, the vehicle is
propelled to full speed by Linear
Induction Motors (LIMs).


Maximum speed up to 1000 km/h


A pod can carry up to 50 pax


A pod can carry up to 10 t of sensitive freight


A departure every 2 minutes

A breakthrough to create TransPod

“The key to this breakthrough was to invent a brand-new system -- the TransPod Line -- with a “physics-first” strategy. Rather than copying “hyperloop”, we took a new strategy with a completely new technology, throwing out all previous designs, and instead, returned to fundamental physics and engineering. The result is a next-generation vehicle and transportation system -- TransPod -- holistically designed from the ground up.”

- Ryan Janzen, inventor of TransPod

TransPod aerospace vehicles are designed to carry passengers between cities at ultra-high-speeds. Faster than airline travel, the TransPod tube system is a comfortable, rapid alternative to highway congestion. Discover the passenger experience.

From airline jet fuselage to pod

The TransPod vehicle is built like an airline jet fuselage, containing rows of seats inside. Passengers board from platforms at each station. Powered by electrically-driven magnetic propulsion, the vehicle departs, gently accelerates to full speed inside the TransPod tube infrastructure, and decelerates on approach to the final destination station.

The TransPod tube system will carry passenger and cargo vehicles on the same route at the same time.

Faster than airline travel, the TransPod tube system is a fully-electric mass transportation system, to reduce carbon emissions, and provide an alternative to highway congestion.

From the 1st to the 5th mode of transport

Update on the origins of tube transport

Discover our station

Fast boarding gates erase the hassle of today’s airports and makes your trip substantially better. Every 2 minutes, a pod can leave the station and travel towards new destinations.

Passenger Experience

Relax in a sophisticated passenger environment.

Freight Transport

TransPod's fully electric system travels at speeds beyond 1000km/h for fast delivery with no carbon footprint.